Watch me and others demonstrate what AI can do for you at various conferences.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 - Into Focus: AI

.NET Conference 2022 - Machine learning models with ONNX and .NET

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Azure ML demos

Get the inside scoop on Azure ML with my demos.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Azure ML Demo

Microsoft Build 2022 Azure ML Demo

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AI Show Live

What if an AI were alive? Well, that’s not quite what these videos are about. Check out these live episodes I co-hosted on current AI-related topics.

Artificial Nose

Introduction to Deep Learning

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Guest Appearances

Usually I’m the one interviewing others, but occasionally the roles are reversed. I had fun appearing on these shows!

Azure Machine Learning - ML as a Service

VS Code, Azure ML, and GitHub Codespaces

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AI Show

Maybe one day soon I’ll interview an actual AI. In the meantime, here are some videos in which I interview naturally intelligent folks.

Open AI

Data Labeling Services in Azure ML

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University Lectures

I love a good lecture. And when I can’t find one that I want to watch, I create my own. Here you go!

Practical ML Advice for Students from an Industry Perspective